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CRCS Volunteer Program

Community Roots Charter School currently serves 450 students (50 students in each grade, K-8). Any child who is eligible to attend a NYC Public School is eligible to apply to Community Roots. Community Roots is a rigorous K-8 learning community with curriculum that is embedded in a real world context.  Children are deliberately taught to see the connections between what they learn in school and the world.  Community Roots students will meet or exceed the Common Core standards and be prepared to excel in the 21st century by being taught to think independently and work productively within a diverse group of learners.  Students learn to combine curiosity with appropriate application, which leads to deep understanding of material and the confidence to take on challenges to become who they want to be.
Community Roots is currently seeking responsible adult volunteers who are interested in education and enjoy spending time with children ages 5-13.  We are seeking volunteers to work with our students and to assist our teachers and staff both during our school day (8:15AM-3:45PM) and during our After School program (3:45PM-6PM), which is offered to our students in grades 1 - 5.
If chosen for an internship, volunteers will establish a schedule indicating when they will come to Community Roots to support our classroom and After School teachers and staff.  Volunteer tasks and responsibilities will differ between classrooms and will include a combination of classroom/lesson preparation and direct work with our students.  In the past, volunteers have been asked to assist with Xeroxing and collating homework packets; preparing materials for reading, writing, or math lessons; filing student work; preparing student research notebooks; and/or setting up snack.  Volunteers have also been asked to work with our students in one-on-one or small group settings during reading, writing, math, science, art, and/or homework activities.  Volunteers generally work with the same group of teachers and students throughout their time at Community Roots.  They become an integral part of their classrooms and should therefore have a strong desire to integrate into a classroom and school community.  As such, volunteers must be able to provide consistent assistance and can expect their responsibilities to grow as teachers realize their preferences and strengths.

Qualifications & Requirements
• Interns must be willing to commit to a regular schedule of 5-6 hours/week for at least one semester (3 months) or for the entire school year.
• Interns must have previous experience working with elementary and/or middle school aged children.
• Interns should be able to work collaboratively and respectfully with teachers and staff members at all times.
• Interns will be expected to dress and act appropriately and to arrive on scheduled days in a punctual manner.

How to Apply
If you are interested in volunteering at Community Roots, please email the completed internship application (found below) and your most current resume to Sahba Rohani, Director of Community Development, at

*Please note that, once accepted, you must be fingerprinted with the New York State Department of Education, which is a requirement for all Community Roots personnel. Information about fingerprinting process is below.

How to Obtain Fingerprinting Clearance
This step should be completed only after having been accepted as an intern at Community Roots.

Please do one of the following:
1) If you have ever worked for and have been fingerprinted by the NYC Dept. of Ed- Fill out and fax this form to the Dept. of Ed at the fax number indicated on the bottom of the form:

2) If you have NEVER been fingerprinted by the NYC Dept. of Ed - follow all steps indicated on this page and let Community Roots know when you have completed it all so that clearance for you can be requested as a staff member from the NY State Ed Dept.: