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Core Values

Core Values

The Community Roots Core Values are:
  • Honor Yourself and Others
  • Work Together
  • Work Hard
  • Help Each Other
  • Try New Things
  • Be Reflective

Our Core Values at Community Roots really set the foundation for the work that we do every day. These are a small set of guiding principles that have a profound impact on how everyone in our school strives to think and act. They have intrinsic value and are of significant importance to the staff and children at Community Roots. Since we are an extremely diverse community and all enter through our school doors with a variety of backgrounds, thoughts, and ideas, it is these few and extremely powerful guiding principles that become the common ground that we invite all our children to be a part of and the values that they are asked to guide all their actions.

The Core Values are embedded in our every day interactions, but every year from September to December we focus on more explicit instruction across the school. Beginning with the Core Value: Honor Yourself and Others, we take 2 weeks and work our way through all the Core Values. During this 2-week span, activities, read-alouds, and discussions take place around each Core Value.