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Community Council Information

Community Council

An important way for parents to become involved in Community Roots governance is through the Community Council, which is open to all parents, staff, and community members interested in supporting the school. The Community Council is a way for parents to be involved in a wide variety of school activities, from planning special events (e.g. fundraising, special programs) to identifying community needs and working to find solutions. Participation in the Community Council is voluntary with no formal commitment necessary to participate. The Co-Directors have worked with the Community Council to establish a basic governance structure and to put systems into place for facilitating meetings. The Community Council is at times asked by the Co-Directors or the Board to participate in or comprise advisory committees to study or implement a specific policy or action of the school. For example, committees may be put together to study alternative food service vendors or needed and desired parental workshops. The Community Council has scheduled monthly meetings as well as reserved time for use of the Family Room for Council-related projects.

The Community Council currently consists of the following committees

Fundraising: Friends of Community Roots (FOCR)
- Develop structures necessary for fundraising
- Plan fund raising events throughout the year

- Environmental enhancement of physical plant
- Raise awareness of efficiencies

Garden Committee:
- Maintain and develop the 3 Stars Garden in coordination with all 3 schools housed in our building

Community Building Committee:
- Plan events throughout the year to gather the school community in non-fundraising events

Advocacy Committee:
- Advocate for charter school and Community Roots in various coalitions and government

Literacy Committee:
- Create and maintain school wide lending library for families
- Plan and organize annual book fair

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